The Oxford Science Park is proud to be sponsoring the Innovation Award in this year’s Oxfordshire Business Awards 2016.

Monday 4th January 2016

The Oxford Science Park Innovation Award is open to any organisation irrespective of size or sector, including both start-ups and established businesses.

The judges will be looking for evidence of the development and/or introduction within the last three years of an innovative product, process, service or business method.

The innovation should be shown to have a quantifiable benefit, both actual and projected, against key performance indicators for the applicant organisation. For example (but not limited to):

  • Development of a new market (e.g. for a start-up)
  • Growth in sales / increase in throughput
  • Reduction in cost, energy use or waste.
  • Reduction in delivery times.
  • Increase in customer/client satisfaction.
  • Increase in staff efficiency and satisfaction.

Entries are now open. It’s free and simple to enter.

All entries must be received by no later than MONDAY 29 FEBRUARY 2016.

To enter, just visit the Awards website.

At the bottom of the page Click ‘Enter Now’.

Select ‘Innovation Award’ and simply complete your contact information.

Upon submitting your entry, you will receive an acknowledgement by email.

This email will also attach the second stage application form that you must complete and send back by midnight on MONDAY 14 MARCH 2016.

Start your Innovation Award entry by simply clicking here.

We wish you the best of luck.