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Park Life Style

The Environment

Encouraging wildlife and bird breeding has always been an essential part of the Masterplan of The Oxford Science Park. Over 6 acres of trees and thicket planted in 1989 have already matured into mixed woodland frequented by a variety of local wildlife.

The development of Phase 2 of the Park in 2001 more than doubled its size and proved an ideal opportunity to make a real contribution to wildlife conservation in the local area. Large areas of new parkland were incorporated into the overall design providing additional belts of woodland / thicket, wetland areas, lakes and a wildlife corridor along Littlemore brook, connecting open countryside at either end.

The ecological vision is that the environment around the buildings will actively encourage birds, animals, plants and trees to flourish in natural surroundings.

A full explanation was reported in the summer 2000 issue of 'retort' and can be downloaded in pdf format (936k) from here.